04.12.12 MSPinsights "Transform 2012: GreenPrint’s Kent Dunn"

12.19.11MSPinsights "2011 Round-up with GreenPrint’s Kent Dunn"

12.14.11 ZDNet "Software for Picking the Greenest Printer"

11.03.11 Hard Copy Observer "GreenPrint Moves Ahead in Managed Print with Print Advisor Beta"

05.05.11 MSPmentor "GreenPrint Software Assists MSPs With Managed Print Services"

08.11.10 Computer World "IT's Biggest Money Wasters"

07.10.10 Windows Guides "Print Smart to Reduce Wasted Paper-Part 2"

08.28.10 "Printer and Ink Cartridges Guide "Saving on Ink and Paper"

08.13.10 Chloregy "Printing - The Green IT Cinderella"

08.10.10 Chicago Tribune "To use less paper, Chicago transportation officials spend green on GreenPrint"

07.2010 PrintIT "Marks & Spencer to print greener"

07.04.10 HealtyDayS "Green Printing New Technology For Printing"

06.09.10 "Marks & Spencer Puts GreenPrint to Work in UK Headquarters"

06.07.10 CSRwire "GreenPrint Expands into Europe with Marks & Spencer"

05.29.10 Mossberg on GreenPrint "Personal technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal..."

05.28.10 "Tired Of Printing Stuff You Don't Want To Print..."

05.28.10 The PC Guy: Save On Printing Costs

05.26.10 "The Ultimate 5 Ways to Go Green on Your Computer"

05.22.10 WSIPC Second Level "GreenPrint Enterprise makes it easy for users..."

05.16.10 Eco Green Living "Printing Green"

05.15.10 "Virsant partners with GreenPrint to dramatically cut office print waste"

05.14.10 Green IT "Greener Printer with GreenPrint"

05.10.10 EcoPol Project "GreenPrint Technologies"

04.02.10 ZDNet article "Simple approach to printing less"

04.02.10 SmartPlanet "Software as school fund-raiser? Green developer tries it out"

03.04.10 Mayor Sam Adams' site "City serves as early adopter of technology developed by local companies"

03.01.10 Sustainable Business Oregon "New improved GreenPrint..."

03.01.10 The Oregonian "Portland seeks to nurture software startups"

01.20.10 Fast Company "Profits Are 'Green,' Too!"

01.13.10 T3xtual "GreenPrint: Saving Money, Trees And Going Green"

01.12.10 Minyanville "Going Green Can Reap Rewards..."

12.24.09 InfoWorld "Cratchit Hall of Fame: Web innovation..."

12.22.09 Silicon Forest "Portland mayor makes his pitch..."

12.07.09 Computerworld "IT's top tier: Strong and steady leadership"

10.28.09 Sustainable Printing "GreenPrint Version 2.0"

07.05.09 New York Times "That Long, Long Road from Idea to Success"

06.25.09 Yahoo! Green "Price of printing extra pages"

06.16.09 Environmental Leader "Paper-saving Software Proliferates"

05.21.09 Corp Magazine "Business Buzz"

05.13.09 Simple Thoughts "10 Green Tips to Save Energy for Your Mac"

05.07.09 Silicon Forest "Xerox's new printer comes with GreenPrint"

05.06.09 GigaOM "Xerox Aims for Cheap and Green..."

04.23.09 Macworld "Tips for greener computing"

04.21.09 CNET "Go green: Energy-cutting apps for your PC"

04.21.09 Jason Slater "GreenPrint-An Environmentally Friendly Way..."

04.16.09 CNET News "See how GreenPrint can help save paper"

03.24.09 DocuCrunch "Save ink and paper: Change fonts"

03.23.09 PC World "Sync Files...and 13 Other Free Ways"

03.18.09 Eco Friendly House and Garden "Want to Save Paper..."

03.12.09 Computerworld "Hybrid service slashes printer waste"

03.10.09 Prosperon "Give me my GreenPrint back!"

03.08.09 Emirates Business 24/7 "Printers become power savers"

03.01.09 Paper Jammed "Cut down on the cruft when you print..."

02.28.09 Sustainable Printing "GreenPrint - Printing From the Web"

02.20.09 RiverWired "Save Paper, Ink with Free Software"

02.19.09 Everyday Sustainable "print only what you want: GreenPrint"

01.16.09 Silicon Forest "Looking Forward: GreenPrint, Jive & more"

01.13.09 PC Magazine "The Best Free Software of 2009"

12.29.08 InfoWorld "Green-tech resolutions for 2009"

12.22.08 PDXgreen "Portland-born GreenPrint's paper saver for Mac..."

12.19.08 Silicon Forest "Looking Forward..."

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11.12.08 ColoradoBiz "Tech Guide 2009"

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11.10.08 Jim Lyons Observations "Amazon (NASDAQ AMZN), GreenPrint"

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11.08.08 Computer Shopper "Mac Users Can Save Money..."

10.16.08 Free Download a Day "Print smarter with GreenPrint World"

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10.10.08 How-To Geek "Green Computing..."

10.09.08 AppScout "AppSpout: Recent Reviews..."

10.07.08 PC Pitstop "Printing Made Easy"

10.07.08 PC Magazine "GreenPrint World"

09.30.08 Digital Documents "A GreenPrint White Paper..."

09.15.08 Ecopreneurist "Save $, Save a Piece of Paper"

09.09.08 IT Management "35 Green IT Resources"

09.09.08 CNN "Don't waste that paper"

09.04.08 PCMech "Save A Tree With GreenPrint"

09.01.08 "How do I reduce web printing waste?"

08.28.08 Data Doctors "Tips for reducing web printing waste"

08.28.08 Network World "Smart fixes for your printing, e-mail..."

08.19.08 Sustainable Industries "GreenPrint readies Mac version"

08.09.08 Willamette Week "Turn Your Dead Trees into Live Saplings..."

08.07.08 CompUSA "The Green Answer..."

08.04.08 The Right Guy's Blog "Smart and Easy Ways to Reduce..."

07.31.08 "Software nixes wasted sheets of paper..."

07.30.08 CoolPeopleCare "Green Jobs"

07.25.08 The Oregonian "Revising a thoughtless process..."

07.24.08 "GreenPrint World"

07.24.08 InfoWorld "IT admins should also think green"

07.22.08 Studio7Designs "10 Great Eco Print Companies"

07.20.08 "GreenPrint saves green!"

07.20.08 Science, Technology & Society Journal "Software saves..."

07.17.08 CNET "Featured Freeware: GreenPrint World"

07.16.08 Marketing meets technology "Save a tree and some money"

07.16.08 Zero Click Thoughts "Make Sure You Read the GreenPrint"

07.11.08 TechTarget "Use GreenPrint for that White Paper"

07.11.08 Textra Network "5 Habits for Greener Computing"

07.10.08 RiverWired "Five Green-Tech Ways to Use Less Paper"

07.08.08 EcoGeek "GreenPrint's Free Software Prevents..."

07.08.08 Grist "Toil Conservation"

07.08.08 Elite Printer Services "Three Steps to the Paperless Office"

07.02.08 Popular Science "5 Things: Make Your Office..."

07.02.08 Kansas City Star "Think Green: Video Games"

07.02.08 "GreenPrint 1.2.3"

07.01.08 Greenerist "GreenPrint is a Simple Tree Saving Solution"

06.27.08 404 Tech Support "I'll take the PDF, hold the Adobe"

06.23.08 "3 Easy Ways to Save Paper"

06.15.08 Oxford Said Business School "Four Oxford entrepreneurs..."

06.12.08 The Independent "Innovation for a greener generation"

06.11.08 The Takeaway "It's Not Easy Being Green"

06.09.08 San Francisco Chronicle "A greener glow for computers"

06.06.08 Getting Greener "GREEN: Software that saves trees"

06.04.08 Enviroblog "Print greener with GreenPrint"

06.01.08 Alaska Airlines magazine "The Green List"

06.01.08 Inc. Magazine "Save the Planet - and Save the Company..."

06.01.08 Entrepreneur Magazine "India: Many Reasons to Say Yes"

05.19.08 "Why green is Xerox's favourite colour"

05.14.08 Deccan Herald "E-Utilities"

05.03.08 Digital Quest "GreenPrint – Eliminate wasteful pages"

04.23.08 Jim Lyons Observations "GreenPrint introduces TreeMail"

04.23.08 Inc.Updates "GreenPrint Gets Rolling"

04.22.08 This Old House "Green Home Office"

04.21.08 The Guardian "How can I use less paper when printing?"

04.16.08 "Xerox and GreenPrint..."

04.15.08 PC World "Save on Ink, Make a Podcast, Be a Chocolatier"

04.15.08 404 Tech Support "GreenPrint – Environmentally..."

03.31.08 Office Products News "Three Steps to the Paperless Office"

03.31.08 Everyday Environmentalists "GreenPrint"

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03.24.08 "Stop wasting ink, paper and money"

03.21.08 "Going Green in the Workplace"

03.21.08 Hive Health "Get a Smaller FootPrint"

03.21.08 "Green Print, Saving the World..."

03.17.08 GreenStrides "GreenPrint to the Rescue!"

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03.13.08 JPost "The Hanging Chad Problem"

03.12.08 The Perrin Post "GreenPrint Saves Trees"

03.10.08 "Software saves trees, cash and headaches..."

03.05.08 "Green Dev"

03.01.08 Sustainable Industries "GreenPrint Bundles With Xerox"

02.18.08 Inc. Technology "Technologies to Eliminate Office Paper"

02.16.08 Green Talk "GreenPrint: Free Software, Saves Trees..."

02.04.08 "GreenPrint: Save Money + Environment"

02.03.08 Environmental Leader "GreenPrint Covered on CNN"

02.02.08 CyberNet "Go Green with GreenPrint and Save $$"

01.31.08 Money Saving Expert "Save ink, paper & money..."

01.31.08 Business Green "Free software aims to end wasteful printing"

01.30.08 My Digital Life "GreenPrint Freeware to Control Document..."

01.30.08 CNET News "Greenprint offers free paper-saving software"

01.29.08 Planet Green "Save Ink, Money, Planet with GreenPrint"

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01.29.08 "Save Ink (and a tree) with GreenPrint"

01.29.08 "The Utility Everyone Should Have: GreenPrint"

01.29.08 "GreenPrint Makes Sure you Don't Waste Ink"

01.28.08 "Save Ink, Paper, and Money with GreenPrint"

01.28.08 Earth2Tech "GreenPrint: Smarter Printing and Saving Trees"

01.28.08 Download Squad "GreenPrint - new free edition saves..."

01.28.08 Green Daily "Save a tree (or at least some printer paper)..."

01.21.08 ComputerWorld "GreenPrint Targets World's Printers"

01.18.08 Processor "Printing Green: It’s A Win-Win"

01.08.08 Channel Insider "It's Getting Easier to Be Green"

12.02.07 Chicago Sun-Times "Christmas Greenings"

11.28.07 Print & Image "Boosting Managed Services: Think Green..."

11.23.07 Portland Business Journal "Growing GreenPrint..."

11.20.07 Los Angeles Times "Emailers send a message"

11.19.07 RadioGuide Online "GreenPrint Saves Trees - And More"

11.16.07 Green Power Conferences "GreenPrint and Xerox Team Up"

11.15.07 The Times "21st Century Entrepreneurs"

11.07.07 GreenerComputing "Xerox Bundles Software..."

11.02.07 InfoWorld Sustainable IT "Xerox and GreenPrint Ink Deal"

11.01.07 The Oregonian "Xerox Partners with GreenPrint"

11.01.07 Jim Lyons Observations "GreenPrint, Xerox Solid Ink..."

10.26.07 Lehigh U. Newspaper "New Software to Reduce Paper Waste"

10.19.07 Portland NBC Affiliate "Saving Trees and Ink with GreenPrint"

10.05.07 Green Living Ideas Podcast - "Efficient Printing To Save..."

10.05.07 Tech World - "London office workers cull forests..."

09.27.07 PC World - "Three Smart Tools to Reduce Printing Costs"

09.18.07 Print Week - "IT Energy cuts 'wasteful' printing..."

09.13.07 IT Business Edge - "Mean Green Printing Machine"

09.04.07 - "Greenprint - miljøvennlige utskrifter"

09.01.07 Mailbox - "The Votes Are In"

08.28.07 Practical eCommerce - "Product Spotlight"

08.16.07 Metromode - "Green Space: Becoming paper-free..."

08.11.07 "Document & Duurzaamheid..."

08.10.07 - "Getting Law Firms to Boot Up to Green"

08.03.07 Sustainable Industries - "GreenPrint shares paper profits"

08.01.07 Inc Magazine - "30 Under 30"

07.30.07 Grist Profile - "Printy Freshness"

07.27.07 San Francisco Chronicle Tech Chronicles - "Print greener"

07.09.07 ComputerWorld - "40 Under 40"

07.01.07 Inc Magazine's July 2007 Cover Story

06.29.07 Entrepreneur Magazine - "Cutting Down Costs, Not Trees"

06.14.07 InfoWorld - "GreenPrint bets that customers will save..."

06.12.07 Environmental Leader - "GreenPrint Gives Away Software..."

06.06.07 Willamette Week - "TECH TEASE: GreenPrint Software"

06.04.07 InfoWorld - "Hands-on: GreenPrint cuts printing bills"

05.29.07 PrintWeek - "GreenPrint tool slashes waste..."

05.24.07 IT Director - "The Green Print for Paper Saving"

05.23.07 - "MC's tech test: Groen en goedkoop printen"

05.09.07 Spokesman Review - "Portland's GreenPrint battles..."

05.07.07 Softonic - "Enhance your printing by optimizing pages"

05.02.07 CNET TV The Queue - "Greener Than Ever"

04.23.07 - "After cutting the unnecessary part..."

03.28.07 Gartner Group Names GreenPrint a "Cool New Vendor"

03.14.07 Hard Copy Observer - "Printing Less While Printing More"

03.12.07 OPB - "Portland Company Hopes New Technology..."

03.02.07 Sustainable Industries Journal - "GreenPrint's Million Tree..."

02.20.07 Printer Ink Cartridges Guide - "GreenPrint - Saving..."

02.20.07 Idaho Business Review - "How many pages in a tree?"

02.19.07 Computerworld - "Software Helps Save Trees ..."

01.11.07 Ecommerce Times - "Dell Urges Industry to Go Green"

01.09.07 Environmental Leader - "GreenPrint Launches Tree Campaign"

01.03.07 - "Save Some Trees - Try GreenPrint"

12.18.06 New Scientist - "Paperless office? Still over the horizon"

12.17.06 PIC Guide - "GreenPrint - Saving on Ink & Paper"

12.14.06 "Mossberg's Mailbox" in the WSJ

12.07.06 CNBC Review of GreenPrint

12.07.06 Walt Mossberg's Wall Street Journal Article on GreenPrint

12.07.06 - "How to cut paper waste when printing..."

12.06.06 - "WSJ praises Portland co...

11.21.06 Plenty - "Save Trees While You Print"

11.16.06 - "Greenprint: Software that Saves"

11.15.06 Inside Greentech - "Someone finally fixed the extra page..."

11.14.06 Portland Tribune - "GreenPrint's green prince"

11.10.06 Business Journal - "A Portland entrepreneur..."


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Top Stories

12.07.06 Walt Mossberg's Wall Street Journal Article on GreenPrint

12.11.06 CNBC Review of GreenPrint

12.14.06 "Mossberg's Mailbox" in the WSJ

06.29.07 Entrepreneur Magazine - "Cutting Down Costs, Not Trees"

07.01.07 Inc Magazine's July 2007 Cover Story

07.09.07 ComputerWorld - "40 Under 40"

07.27.07 San Francisco Chronicle Tech Chronicles - "Print greener"

07.30.07 Grist Profile - "Printy Freshness"

08.01.07 Inc Magazine - "30 Under 30"

12.05.07 CNN Technology and Environment Story on GreenPrint

07.05.09 New York Times - That Long, Long Road from Idea to Success

04.02.10 ZDNet article - "Simple approach to printing less"

08.10.10 Chicago Tribune - To use less paper, Chicago transportation officials spend green on GreenPrint


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Press Releases

06.09.10 Green Startup Offers Obama $227 Million to Aid Oil Spill Recovery

06.07.10 CSRwire "GreenPrint Expands into Europe with Marks & Spencer"

06.16.09 GreenPrint Launches Version 2.0

11.03.08 GreenPrint Launches Mac Version

06.24.08 GreenPrint Wins Oxford University's Venture Fund Competition

04.22.08 Treemail: GreenPrint's Answer to Paper-saving E-mail

01.28.08 GreenPrint Launches a Free Version with the Hope of Saving 100 Million Trees

11.01.07 GreenPrint and Xerox Team Up to Help Customers Reduce Wasteful Printing

06.12.07 GreenPrint Launches an Initiative to "Pay the Fortune 500 to Go Green"

04.24.07 GreenPrint Launches the First "Green" Font

01.09.07 GreenPrint announces "The Million Tree March"

11.14.06 GreenPrint Software Launches to the Applause of Millions of Trees


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