Advisor Savings

Save costs

Have you ever asked your employees to print to low cost printers, only to find that a week or two later they are back to their old bad habits? GreenPrint is well aware of this challenge, and has addressed this issue with the introduction of GreenPrint Advisor.

The administrator categorizes and labels printers as red, yellow and green labels and also assign printing costs to printers

GreenPrint Advisor in real time.

GreenPrint Advisor is shown to user when the user prints normally to a red labeled or a printer with a high cost

User can see the savings by printing to the suggested printer and decide to either continue printing using the suggested low cost printer or select any other printer from the drop-down

Advisor Benefits

Drives print awareness

GreenPrint Analytics can be centrally distributed to all computers in your organization.

Saving opportunity

Saves cost by guiding users from high cost printer to low cost printers.

Reinforce good habits

Reinforces good print habits by giving option to your user to choose the low cost printers.

Archive Documents

Provides opportunity to electronically archive documents.

Reduce waste

Provides optional path to waste reduction through preView+.

Advisor Integration

Integrate with Print Analytics

GreenPrint Advisor can be fully integrated with GreenPrint Analytics. Print per page cost data is imported into Advisor from the administrative console, and allows you to easily group printers by similar cost attributes into the Green, Yellow, and Red categories. Analytics accurately tracks and measures print volume and associated costs for each of the color coded categories. Reports can be generated for your entire organization, for groups or departments, or even .

Integrate with Print Preview+

Advisor also provides a simple, optional path for users to interact with GreenPrint preView+, which allows users to identify print waste and eliminate it BEFORE it goes to the printer.

See how it works?

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