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What are the currently released product versions?

Currently released GreenPrint product versions are:

  • GreenPrint Enterprise v3.x
  • GreenPrint Home Premium for PC v3.x
  • GreenPrint World for PC v2.2.1.1127 (discontinued)
  • GreenPrint Home Premium for Mac v1.3 (discontinued)

Which are the supported Operating Systems?

  • Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Windows 8, 8.1 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Windows 10

Which are the applications that are compatible with GreenPrint?

GreenPrint should work with any application that you can normally print from. If you come across a problematic application, please contact and provide a detailed description as well as the problem document if possible.

Please Note: Tracking of print jobs on Edge browser via printer drivers other than GreenPrint is not supported on systems, where "secure boot" is enabled.

Which are the printers that are compatible?

GreenPrint should work with all printers regardless of connection type (USB, Networked, etc.). If you come across a problem with a specific printer, please do the following:

  • Download and install the most recent driver & firmware for your printer model from the printer manufacturer's website (e.g. Xerox, HP, Canon, etc.).
  • If updating your printer driver and firmware doesn't fix the problem, please contact for assistance.

What is new in Version 3?

GreenPrint Version 3 has been completely redesigned from scratch, so in addition to significant performance and feature enhancements.

  • New, intuitive Preview+ user interface.
  • Improved UI response time.
  • No dependency on .Net.
  • Secure client license registration with GreenPrint Server.

These below features are applicable only to GreenPrint Business and Enterprise edition:

  • Automatic registration of users, workstations and printers with GreenPrint Global Analytics during installation.
  • Automated, secure client license registration with Global Analytics engine.
  • Restricted access to override GreenPrint settings for users.
  • Centralized reporting system – user’s print data is captured across all workstations.
  • Improved communication of client with Global Analytics - faster, less redundant data.
  • Simplified upgrade support from v1/ v2 to v3.

How are the products organized in GreenPrint?

  • GreenPrint Home-Premium is designed for home, home office or personal use. Register for a Greenprint account, then download and install the GreenPrint Agent free for 30 days. It does not contain any advertisements. Visit our Pricing section to learn more.
  • Home Premium Upgrade is best for you if you need an upgraded version of GreenPrint Home Premium, which is rich in features and more robust. You will get a free upgrade if your GreenPrint Home Premium purchase falls within a year else an upgrade purchase required.
  • GreenPrint Business is suitable for small/medium offices who are looking for approx. 50-500 numbers GreenPrint licenses. The GreenPrint Analytics login and setup information will be sent to your email address after successful purchase and one of our GreenPrint agent will be in touch with you for further help. Basic support is added to this plan and can be extended by subscribing to the support plans.
  • GreenPrint Enterprise is designed for large scale corporate to the fortune 500 companies. The Enterprise edition allows the individual savings of each user to be aggregated into a company-wide report, and also provides extensive print management functionality. Product customization is supported in this plan. Contact sales at for a free trial of GreenPrint Enterprise, technical information and a custom pricing quote.

How do I set my default target/output printer for GreenPrint?

To set the printer that GreenPrint will print to by default, go to Start → Control Panel → Printers & Faxes (or just Printers in Vista), right click on the GreenPrint printer and go to Printing Preferences, then under Target Printer choose the printer that you print to the most often with GreenPrint. Hit Apply and OK.

If you'd like to change the output printer for an individual print job, but don't want to change your default setting, you should do this by going to File → Print within the application you're using (Word, Firefox, etc.). On the print dialog box make sure GreenPrint is selected as the printer, then click on the Properties/Preferences button, and select the target printer there. This setting will only apply for that session within the specific application you're using.

Why is GreenPrint (upto V2.x) slow the first time I use it after restarting my computer?

The previous versions (upto V2.x) of GreenPrint has the Microsoft .NET Framework dependency. After you restart your computer this framework has to be activated in order for GreenPrint to work. Because of this, the first time you use GreenPrint it will take a little longer for the preview to appear, but the time to preview should be much faster from there on out. We've resolved this in GreenPrint V3.x by removing .NET dependency and improved response time.

Why does GreenPrint sometimes make mistakes when detecting waste pages?

One case in which this often happens is when printing PDFs. Some PDFs appear to GreenPrint as though each page is one image, rather than a combination of text and images or whatever the case may be. This could cause pages to be flagged as waste when they are not. If all of the pages in your document are flagged as waste, we suggest using Control + A on your keyboard to select all pages, and then choose Include Pages from the hover.

Another case when GreenPrint could make a mistake is if a page looks entirely blank to you, but it actually contains some hidden images so it does not get flagged as waste. In this case we recommend using the Remove Page option on the hover.

Don't forget that you can also customize the GreenPrint filters by going to Control Panel → Printers & Faxes → GreenPrint → Printing Preferences → Rules (In Vista: Control Panel → Printers → GreenPrint → Printing Preferences).

How do I get my license key?

You can find your license key under your dashboard after login, if you have bought any license. Please note a single unique license key is used to activate all of your license.

How can I apply the license key after GreenPrint Home Premium purchase on completion of 30 days of the trial period?

Please follow steps mentioned below to insert the license:

  • Click on Start → Programs → GreenPrint → GreenPrint Settings.
  • On display of GreenPrint Settings, click on "License" tab.
  • Enter the email address, license key and click on validate. Please note use the same email address that is used while purchasing GreenPrint
  • Upon successful validation, you will see a screen where your total license available for activation. Click on "Activate" button to activate the license for your system. Please note your license key can be reverted back once activated for a system.

Can I transfer GreenPrint license key to another machine?

No. This is not possible as the GreenPrint license key can be used for a single system. In case of the system is damaged, the license also will be void. Please contact support at for further help.

In Chrome, Greenprint always comes up with duplex printing off, even though I always change it to long-edge. Other programs remember that long-edge is my preferred setting, but I can't seem to make Chrome remember.

It is observed that GreenPrint printing preferences are being overridden by Chrome’s printing preferences. As a circumvent, print using

  • shortcut "Ctrl + Shift + P" and print through GreenPrint or
  • use Ctrl +P, select "Print using system dialog..." and print through GreenPrint.

Why are the printer settings ignored, while printing from a Word document?

This issue occurs because the Page Setup settings that you specify in your Word document override the settings that you specify in the printer driver properties. Visit this Microsoft support website for more details.

When I click on the pdf button to create the PDF and save it to the computer, the document is entirely blank.

There may be a problem with your Adobe Reader installed on your machine. Try opening the PDF using an alternative application or browser.

Why is my default printer getting changed to some other printer in Windows 10?

Starting in Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10565, Microsoft is introducing a new mode that makes your default printer the last printer you used. This change helps ensure the best printer is preselected in inbox print dialogs. Please visit Windows 10 forum for more details.

After upgrade to newer version, all printers are not getting listed either under GreenPrint Settings → Printers or Preview → Target Printers list.

After upgrade restart is mandatory. Restart the machine to view the printers listed in either GreenPrint Preview+ or Settings.

Why am I not able to remove text in preview even if my document has text?

This is because with certain documents the text is rendered as an image in the GreenPrint Preview+.

How do I set all my documents to be printed in B&W by default?

Check the “Print in Black & White” check box in GreenPrint Settings.

How do I stop double sided printing?

On display of GreenPrint Preview, select "OFF” from duplex option in the dropdown menu under the Print button.

I recently added a new printer, how do I set this as the default printer for GreenPrint?

Kindly follow below steps to set your newly installed printer as GreenPrint → Target Printer.

  • Open "Devices and Printers" from start menu.
  • Select "GreenPrint", press mouse right button.
  • On display of options select "Printing Preferences".
  • On display of GreenPrint Printing Preferences dialog.
  • Select respective printer from "Target Printer" list and click on "Apply" button.

Why do I see an error while installing GreenPrint?

While installing GreenPrint check the internet connection, for successful installation internet is mandatory.

Where can I download GreenPrint installer for re-installation on a new machine?

You have to register with a GreenPrint account else login into your account to download GreenPrint Installer.

What does the error message "An unexpected error occurred. Please contact" mean?

This error message is general, so to best help us to solve the problem that you're facing. We need to get a bit more information from you. Please do one of the following:

Option A - If you have GreenPrint agent already installed, please follow these steps:

  • Go to Start menu → All Programs → GreenPrint → Tools → Report Problem. Enter the optional email address and add a detailed description of the issue. Then click on "Send Error Report" button. This will automatically capture all necessary GreenPrint logs from your system and send to GreenPrint Support Team.
  • In your optional description field, let us know at what point the error occurred (during/after the preview) and what document you were printing.
  • After sending the report you will hear from us within 24 hours (unless it's over the weekend, then it will be first thing Monday).

Option B - If your GreenPrint agent is not working / uninstalled, please follow these steps:

  • Download GreenPrint Log Capture Tool (Download for 32bit OS / Download for 64bit OS).
  • After downloading the tool double click on GPClientDataTool.exe, press "run" and click on "Send Error Report". This will capture all logs from your system.
  • Then click on "Email Crash Report" to send error report to GreenPrint Support Team.
  • If email failed to send, please save error logs by clicking on "Save Logs to Desktop" button and send an email to by attaching the saved error logs.
  • After sending the report you will hear from us within 24 hours (unless it's over the weekend, then it will be first thing Monday).

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