Data Privacy Confidentiality Statement

In an age of identity theft and special regulatory data management needs, GreenPrint is committed to being a secure and confidential site for all our customers. Our processes, facilities, and equipment ensure the privacy and confidentiality of each and every customer's data. We treat our customers data as if it were our own. GreenPrint has a security policy and process that we audit continuously. Needless to say, we take your information security very seriously.

No matter if you're an individual user or a financial institution with the highest concern about confidentiality and security, we treat your data identically - and with the utmost care. With GreenPrint, you can rest assured that your information and data will be kept as secure and confidential as possible. Our confidentiality policy is based on the following:

  • GreenPrint anonymizes all inbound home user data, removing computer, user, and document information
  • Only the GreenPrint designated engineer and direct shift managers have access to customer data for backup and maintenance purposes
  • Backed up data is kept on secured servers
  • Files, documents, and data content are never sent to GreenPrint
  • Under no circumstances will personal/identity data be released to third parties

Thank you for helping GreenPrint gather this data so that we can better understand how you print and use it to learn how to help you printer easier, smarter, and greener in the future!