Measure your printing

Identify high volume printers and users. Generate automated reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Easy to deploy

No additional hardware needed. Completely invisible to end user.

Save on cost

Actionable print data enables savings up to 30%. Shift print volumes on low cost printers.

Getting started is very simple

Analytics can be deployed in a matter of minutes and doesn’t require any end-user engagement. It monitors and collects data in the background without any noticeable change to the users system.

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Measure & Save

GreenPrint Analytics can quickly identify inefficiency and savings opportunities that can save your organization as much as 30%.
Print volume based on color code and printer type.

Track printing volumes by printer label or track based on the printers being network or locally connected, i.e., connected via USB or parallel port to users desktops.

Track printing over time and identify users who are printing.

Track overall printing across your organization over time. Identify print volumes based on individual users or based on group of users such as departments within your organization.

Automated Reports

GreenPrint makes it easy to create customized, automated reports in PDF and CVS format that can be send out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to provide consistent tracking of the metric and savings you care most about.

No Additional Hardware Required

Easy to Deploy, Non-Disruptive and Comprehensive

GreenPrint Analytics can be centrally distributed to all computers in your organization. Completely invisible to end users – no employee interaction is required. Turnkey, web-hosted data service – no servers to provision, no databases to manage.

Better Security

We always valued our customer and their assets. All GreenPrint servers are hosted on Amazon's EC2/S3 servers for better security.

Actionable, Accurate, and Detailed Data

Get automated Print Volume Report, Printer Inventory Report & Saving Opportunity via GreenPrint Analytics web-based Admin Panel. Simply log in to your secure data server to view print data in real time.

Analytic Upgrade

Upgrade for FREE!

Existing GreenPrint Analytics users can upgrade to the newest version by getting in touch with our support team –

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