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Your friendly step-by-step guides to using GreenPrint

Click here to play video tutorial of GreenPrint Preview+ Beta V3.0

Getting started with GreenPrint

To help you get started using GreenPrint, this overview tutorial takes you through all of the basic features of the software in a little over 2 minutes.
Click here to play video tutorial of Setting your target printer

Setting your default target printer

Set your default target printer from Control Panel → 'Printers and Faxes' ('Printers' in Vista and 'Devices and Printers' in Windows7), and right-clicking the GreenPrint printer to select Printing Preferences.
Click here to play video tutorial of Creating a PDF

Creating a PDF

Create PDFs straight from the GreenPrint Preview. Keep a digital copy of a webpage or convert any document to PDF.

User Documentation

We've created these documents to help you in understand the GreenPrint and its usages. We'll do our best to add more and update these tutorials when GreenPrint changes.

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